Please help us get information about what happened to Annie!


Do You have any information about Annie that could help us finding out what happened to her? Did You notice her? Did You talk to her? Did You see someone talking to her? December 2, 3 or 4, 2005, in Prestwick, Edinburgh, or elsewhere? Please let us know!  

December 4, 2005 my daughter Annie was found dead on the shore close to the airport in Prestwick, Scotland. In her luggage she had her Swedish passport and two library books that she intended to return to a library in Sweden. Annie also had an appointment with her hairdresser in Sweden Dec. 5. That fact and that she carried those things in her bags and was found close to the airport, strongly suggests that Annie was on her way home to Sweden. 

The last observations of Annie was made on Dec 3. First she was spotted at Prestwick Airport by CCTV at 15.15, she was then spotted 16.05 at Station Road. Between 16.30 and 17.00 a witness saw Annie speaking to two men on the shore in Prestwick.  

At the time Annie lived in Edinburgh about 120 kilometers from Prestwick. She stayed at the Linton Court Apartments, Murieston Road where she had been living on and off for more than a year. The autumn of  2004 Annie studied English and got a Cambridge examine at The Aspect Language School, she then came back to Sweden and returned to Edinburgh in February 2005 working on a scholarship at The Scotch Whiskey Heritage Center until Aug. Oct. 25 she went back to Edinburgh looking for a nice job and Dec. 4 she was found dead.

Annie was a very beautiful young woman, 30 years old, 1.72. cm, blue eyes, waist long blond, very thick hair. She was healthy and well-built and also a very good swimmer. As a person she was very happy and lively, she was friendly and verbal. Annie was also a very good singer and liked to perform in front of an audience. She spoke several languages, English, French, Finish, and since her father is from Hungary she also spoke Hungarian very well. The reason Annie went to Scotland was that she always wanted challenges in her life and liked Scotland and the Scottish people very much.



Annie went to Scotland of her own free will. She liked to meet people of all kinds, and working at The Scotch Whiskey Heritage Center with tourists and living at The Linton Court Apartments among people from all over the world fitted her very well as she then could practice all the languages she spoke. Annie was very healthy young woman and did not use any drugs and was very careful with alcohol.

Annie had no financial problems. During the last period in Scotland when Annie was looking for jobs she got sufficient payments from an unemployment insurance in Sweden. Between her stays in Scotland Annie lived at home with our family and therefore was able to save a large sum of money. When found she had money on her and even a check of  more than 300 pounds to take up.

The days before Annie died she had paid the rent for the month to come, had a vaccination and bought a leisure card to go swimming, which she also did, last time we know of was Dec.1. The days before she died Annie called home and it then got obvious to our family that she was under some kind of threat. 

Annie was found in the morning Dec. 4, only a few hundred yards from the airport in Prestwick from where she always traveled back to Sweden with the Ryan Air. Among the things in her bags were her passport and the two library books that she had been talking a lot about how to return to a library in Sweden. When found on the shore she had her blue jeans and a red T-shirt on as well as her shoes, but not her green jacket. 

In spite of the varying tides and streams and the different density and weights of the body and the objects, the jacket and two bags were found close to her body. The sea grund where Annie was found is flat for several hundreds of meters out into the sea and beside the wall the water does not get more than about one meter high at the most, sometimes it does not even reach the place where Annies was found.

As late as August 2007 we also got to know that Annie was found with DNA from an unknown individual on her hands. Since DNA vanishes very quickly in water this suggests that Annie's body was in water for a very short time or/and that she was transported to the shore and put there. 

Two weeks after Annie's death we got her body back to Sweden. We then made the shocking discovery that Annie's waist-long hair had been chopped off. Who did this however the Police refuses to investigate. For some reason Annie's hair was neither investigated at the post mortem as being a part of her body. Meaning we do not know if the hair had damages after a struggle or if there where DNA-traces to be found in it.

When we got Annie back we also discovered that there were several bruises on her body. Most of them not even mentioned in the post mortem report. Four years after Annie's death we are also still waiting to get the toxicological report of tests from the port mortem.

Regarding the bruises an internal bruising 20 mm. in dimension inside Annie's right temple is mentioned in the report. However an external bruising, likely from the edge of a hand matching the internal one, is not. There are also two very strange square bruises on Annie's right arm



Examining Annie's things I can see that there are  several of Annie's belongings that are missing. Among those is Annie's very important filofax that she ought to have had with her when found. In that she kept names, telephone numbers, addresses and other notes. 

Due to the several mentioned very strange circumstances as well as Annie's personality, our family and Annie's  friends that knew her so well, are all convinced that Annie was the victim of a crime.

However Strathclyde Police have never investigated Annie's death as a suspected crime but from a very early stage suggested that Annie comitted a suicide. The information given to the Police by our family and Annie's friends has not been taken into concideration. Witnesses have not been questioned, or at a very late stage, witnesses have also been scared away by the Police. Annie's room was never sealed off and her belongings were never examined. CCTV footages from busses and trains that were to be investigated to state how Annie got to Prestwick Airport never were requested by the Police. No calculations have been made about how Annie's body and the items could end up at the same spot at the shore. And so on.


After some months Annie was finally spotted on CCTV footages at Prestwick Airport. At 15.15. Dec. 3, Annie is seen walking on the path  in direction from Prestwick Station to the terminal building smoking a cigarett. Annie then walks out of the building to the carparking. After a while she walks into the main entrance and walks the same way back.

After two years of struggle the Crown finally relaesed some still images from the CCTV footage. And just as we suspected Annie is wearing yet another item that was not on or beside her when she was found. In the opening of her green winter jacket you can see not just the red top that Annie had on, but also a red and white fleece jacket with a black zipper. The discovery of the fleece strongly suggests that Annie was in a house or car where the fleece was taken off before her body ended up on the shore. The missing fleece was bought in Sweden and has the label Weather Report. 

All information about Annie's case now is kept secret to our family in accordance to the law "Freedom of Information" since Annie's death is not concidered to be in the "public interest". This we can of course not accept since our family need to get all the documentation regarding Annie's death. 

To get Annie's death thouroughly investigated we also need is a Fatal Accident Inquiry, FAI, into Annie's mysterious death. This we therefore have been requesting but been denied.



While visiting Scotland in December in 2006 I got the information that Annie's hair still exists. Therefore Annie's grandmother now is offering a reward to the individual that can bring Annie's hair back.

Because of the coming marriage that Annie told her father about the last days of her life, Annie's grandmother was going to give Annie fifty thousand Swedish Crowns to her wedding. Now she is offering this amount to the individual that will give Annie's hair back.  

When we got Annie back her hair had been chopped of into bunches of  5 - 15 centimeter lenghts remaining on her head. This means that 60 - 70 centimeters of Annie's hair is missing.

For your information, Annie after her death was brought to The Hospital in Kilmarnock where a post-mortem was performed. She then was transported to London by Global Networks Funeral Assistance where her body was embalmed by P. Demetriou.

Please help us bring clarity into Annie's death and the desecration of her body. Please contact us at;

Yours sincerely, Guje, Annie's mother.